Instagram App Download

Reelsdownload app can download private Instagram stories, videos, photos, reels and IGTV

What is [GramDown] ?

[GramDown] is a simple button which can drag to you bookmark bar and use it to download from instagram

you can download single images, videos and IG Story, IGTV and reels from Instagram. Tiny, simple, without any further extensions or downloads. Just drag the [GramDown] button to the bookmark bar of your browser [Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla firefox, IE] , open any Instagram post and click on the bookmark button. Downloading will start.

💡[GramDown] can search images on screen. When scrolling through your timeline, stop on the image that you want and click on the [GramDown] bookmarklet. It should work.

What can i do with gramdown web app button ?

1- Download from Private and public instagram accounts

2- Download any instagram photos

3- Download any instagram videos

4- Download all igtv videos

5- download any IG Story

How to Bookmark and Access Bookmarks in Chrome iOS?

Thankfully bookmarking is a great feature available in Google Chrome iOS. Also, you can access your bookmarks from any device as far as you log in with the same Google account.

Follow the steps to Bookmark and Access Bookmarks in Chrome iOS:

Open the Google Chrome iOS app.

Open any website which you wish to bookmark.

Click on horizontal 3dots icon menu options.

Add to Bookmark Command option in Chrome iOS

Select + Bookmark form submenu.

The Bookmark will be created and you will see the confirmation bar on the screen.

Chrome iOS Webpage Bookmarked

The bookmark created in the Chrome iPhone will save in the Mobile Bookmarks

folder. However, you can change the bookmark folder name and move it into a different folder if required.

How to Add a Bookmark in Chrome Android?

Thankfully, the bookmarking feature is available in Chrome for Android. These bookmarks are also synced with Google account and available across all the chrome devices that you’re signed in.

Here are the steps to bookmark a page in Chrome for Android:

1- Open Chrome browser in Android.

2- Open a webpage that you need to bookmark.

3- Tap on the vertical 3dots icon menu for options.

4- At the very top, you will be able to see the Bookmark bookmark star icon Icon.

5- Tap on the bookmark star icon to save the page as a Bookmark.

Compatible Windows / MAC Browsers ?

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox




*apparently Edge doesn't allow you to drag a button to the bookmark bar

Compatible phone devices ?